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Grow your business with our connections

Connection Club members grow their business using the oldest and most productive form of business development: personal contact, networking, and word-of-mouth.  All our members have the same goal, to create and maintain business success.  By working with other like-minded entrepreneurs, you will uncover new prospects, clients, and ultimately business revenue. Business connections, friends, and contacts are yours for just 2 hours a month.  Make a Connection Club a strategic part of your marketing.

Members of Connection Clubs:

  • Expand their network of contacts.
  • Exchange leads, which turns into increased revenue.
  • Gain valuable personal and professional development ideas and experience.
  • Develop skills and tools to grow their businesses.

A Connection Club is a commitment with high return:

  • You must be a Chamber Member to join.
  • We meet once a month.
  • Our group consists of a maximum of twenty five members.
  • Group participants are selected by industry.
  • To minimize competition, the first participant from a given industry is granted exclusive representation. Large categories may sustain more than one active member, depending on club officers.
  • Membership dues are $55 to join with an annual $25 renewal fee. No refunds.


What is a typical Connection Club meeting like?

A typical Connection Club meeting is an hour long. The first portion is spent networking with other participants and practicing your ":30 second promotion." Time is then allotted to exchange leads and discuss closed business and success stories, and review upcoming Chamber activities. Members are encouraged to visit other members businesses and report to the group what they learned. Meals and coffee are available at extra cost.

What is a ":30 second promotion?"

A :30 second promotion is an introduction of yourself and the company, the benefits you provide your clients, iteration of your tagline or memorable descriptor, and a statement of the optimum leads and lead sources you are currently seeking for your company. This is sometimes referred to as your elevator speech--what would you tell someone about your business while riding between floors on an elevator.

What types of people participate in Connection Clubs?

Individuals who are looking to establish and develop a network of contacts that potentially translates into revenue for their company. Businesses looking to develop strategic alliances in Milpitas and beyond.

I want to join the Connection Club - now what?

Prospective members are encouraged to attend a meeting as a guest. You are welcome to join us at any meeting or better yet, contact one of the members and come as their guest. You will be introduced to the group and given an opportunity to evaluate how useful the Connection Club will be for you.

Call the Chamber Office to confirm the meeting time and location.


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